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Children's ENT Issues
  • "My son snores so loudly I can hear him at the other end of the house! Some times he can even stop breathing then wakes up with a big gasp"

  • "My daughter has trouble concentrating at school, and the teachers are concerned about her behavior"

  • "My son has been slow to speak - could there be a problem with his hearing?"

  • "My daughter has had so many ear infections and constantly has a runny nose. She always breathes with her mouth open"

  • "My dentist is concerned with my son's teeth - they are overcrowded and he grinds his teeth at night"

  • "I just want the family to have a good nights sleep!"

Father and Son Taking a Nap

Sound familiar? Children's ENT problems are common and can have long - term implications if left untreated. Enlargement of the adenoids and tonsils can result in poor sleep quality and even a condition known as sleep apnoea - where these glands are so large they block breathing during sleep. The body then responds by waking your child up - which may occur many times per night. As a result learning and behaviour can suffer during the day, and in severe cases may impact on growth and development. Treatments such as medications and occasionally surgery can be extremely effective in helping these issues.

Baby Sleeping

Good hearing in children is extremely important for language and learning. Children may suffer from a condition known as glue ear - where fluid left over from a middle ear infection does not go away. This can then result in hearing loss and language delay. This condition may be treated with medications in the nose to aid middle ear drainage, and may ultimately require the insertion of small temporary tubes in the eardrum known as grommets.

We are passionate about helping children achieve their best health and are here to guide you and your family through these problems.

Preschool Teacher and Students
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